Tanning Beds

We feature state of the art tanning beds to give you the perfect sun kissed look without the hours of being in the sun’s harmful rays.
Here is the complete list of tanning beds at Luv Tan

AMBITION 200 | Super Power for a super bed! The Ambition 200 makes a bold impression with its proven  Genesis tanning technology. Its 120-watt lamps generate excellent UV performance in this class of sunbed. There are  many premium features in the Ambition 200 that make this sunbed a true celebrity. Its sizable foot fan delivers ample  cooling power. The Body Curve acrylic’s extended tanning surface provides even distribution of UV light onto the  client. And a well-placed control panel with easy-to-understand buttons makes tanning effortless.



AMBITION 300|The strength of the Ambition 300 is apparent by its use of 40 Genesis technology Turbo and Super Power lamps, high-pressure facial tanners and extended tanning surface. The large rotary fan is quiet, yet it sends a refreshing stream of cool air to produce a pleasant tanning environment. Tanning clients are kept at the perfect temperature so they don’t lose their cool. Continuing the Ambition 300’s comfort is its perfectly shaped acrylic. The Body Curve acrylic’s extended tanning surface positions the tanner for an even distribution of UV light and makes it as comfortable as a much larger sunbed. All the power in the Ambition 300 is easy to control thanks to the easy-to-understand and well-placed button.


Competition 232

15 Minutes (Low Pressure facial tanners)

The Competition 232 is comparatively better than any other house bed in the surrounding area! Unlike most salons where you need to tan for 20-30 minutes, the competition gives you a better tan in 15 minutes or less. This bed boasts 11 extra facial bulbs and intense color!



Performance 240

15 Minutes VHO

The performance 240 is a great way to develop a dark tan for those who don’t tan easily. This wrap around bed is a traditional high output tanning bed whose power is second to none.



Radius 252 | 12 Minutes, 200 Watts

Unevenness? Tan lines? The stand up Radius 252 is perfect for you! With double the bulbs and twice the power of a normal bed, you can achieve even, all-around color in 12 minutes or less!   Photo metrically engineered to provide a flowing, open-air tanning environment, the Sundash 252 Radius easily accommodates all of your customers’ tanning preferences. Now, even the tallest tanning customer can get an evenly balanced tan from head to toe. With over 6.5 feet of tanning power, the Sundash 252 Radius is equipped with 52 extra-long, 2-meter SHO-RUVA tanning lamps.


Orbit Avantgarde | VHR

12 Minutes, 2% UVB

The Orbit Avantgarde VHR is fully contoured to your body to provide a smooth, even tan! Neck and shoulder bulbs to maximize full body tan. This super bed also features bronzing bulbs and high-pressure facials! This bed speaks to you in a British accent and has air conditioning that is so good you won’t come close to breaking a sweat.


Ergoline Classic 600 | VHR

12 Minutes, 98% UV Free

The Classic 600 is a salon favorite!  This super bed provides dark color fast! This bed also features high-pressure facials, bronzing bulbs, neck & shoulder bulbs and is fully air conditioned!



Ergoline Excellence 800 |VHR

10 Minutes, 99% UV Free

The Excellence 800 is one of the most powerful tanning beds on the market! You can achieve a beautiful tan in 10 minutes or  less! This super bed is fully air conditioned (works so good you won’t feel hot at all), has cooling water misters, aroma therapy  and high-pressure facials.



12 Minutes, 99% UVB Free

The Saturn is the first high-pressure stand up of its kind! Perfect for fast tanning without burning! The Saturn contains less than less than 1% of the UVB burn rays and is fully air conditioned! Get and stay tan with 3-4 tans a month in the Saturn.Extra features include: an integrated stereo with CD player, adjustable facials to meet the customer height requirements and a cooling system with multiple levels to provide total comfort throughout the entire tan.



This state-of-the-art high-pressure bed provides color results immediately. While low-pressure tanning beds require 10-15  visits to establish a base tan, a high-pressure bed only requires 3-4 sessions at a maximum tanning time of up to 12 minutes.   Maintaining a tan has never been easier, 1-2 visits a month will sustain the dark golden results you crave. Think of all the  valuable time you will save – just like Magic.  The most powerful tanning bed on the planet is also the least likely to burn you. 360° UVA High-Pressure bulbs give a deep bronze tan, in fewer sessions, faster. Open design for a more comfortable,  relaxing tan. Try it – once you do, you will be a believer!